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Amiga Software

Action aka MooVid 1.6 (registered) 338K LhA -
AmigaWriter 2.20 6,272K RAR -
AWeb 3.5.09 (with source code) 28,747K LhAs contents
Banned Fred Fish disks 8,414K RAR'd ADFs contents
Citadel of Vras (HD-installed) 224K LhA -
clock.gadget 1.14 and application 387K LhA -
Cracker's Hackpack 1,293K ZIP contents
Display Hacks Pack 1,134K ZIPped LhAs contents
Extreme Violence 7.23 (registered) 247K ZIP -
GIF-Toolkit 1.5.3 (registered) 108K LZX -
Kingdom of Id 22K LhA -
Megadisc disks & cards (various) 341,499K RAR'd ADFs+ADZs+JPEGs contents
Prime Artifax disks (including ACAR disks) 3,597K RAR'd ADFs contents
SnoopLibs 0.9 (preconfigured for OS3.9) 56K LhA -
Sonix Data Disk #3 629K ZIPped ADF contents

IBM-PC Software

Best of the Windows Entertainment Packs Windows 1,262K ZIP -
CRobots 1.1 (with source code) MS-DOS 167K ZIP -
Dragonriders of Pern (banned) MS-DOS 146K ZIP -
Final Writer 1.01 for Windows 95 Windows 3,107K ZIP -
GW-BASIC Pack (19/9/13) MS-DOS 85K ZIPped BASes contents
IBM-PC Games Pack MS-DOS 888K ZIP contents
Keen Dreams (registered) MS-DOS 292K ZIP -
KeyCoach MS-DOS 138K ZIP -
Magic Mushroom song MS-DOS 183K ZIP -
Microsoft Word 3.0 (demo & full) & 5.0 MS-DOS 3,041K RAR -
Pango level editor Windows 47K ZIP -
PC Globe MS-DOS 939K ZIP -
Saved game editors MS-DOS 2,008K RAR contents
WinGuide 4.0 Windows 165K ZIP -
Wordworth 1.0 & 7 (with serials) Windows 6,396K RAR -

Other Platforms Software

Game & Watch Gallery 3 (with saved game) GBC 407K RAR'd GBC+SAV -
HFV Explorer 1.31 (Windows) Macintosh 405K ZIP -
Lynx Encryption Tools (Amiga) Atari Lynx 511K ZIP readme
Mac Emulation Pack Macintosh 19,595K RAR contents
Rotated Games Atari Lynx 706K RAR'd LNXes contents
Saved Games GBA 6K ZIPped SAVs contents
TRS-80 Software Pack (31/8/21) TRS-80 590K RAR contents
Wilderness Exidy Sorcerer 22K RAR'd SNP -

Amiga Documents

A600 Insider Guide 126K ZIPped AmigaGuide -
AmigActive Masterclasses 100K ZIPped AmigaGuide contents
Amiga Transactor (Australia & UK) (6 issues) 11,024K RAR'd PDFs contents
Australian Amiga magazine #1: June 1990 2,239K PDF -
Australian Amiga Gazette #1-#5, #7-#9, #11-15, #17, #19-#23 21,326K RAR'd PDFs -
bitmap.image 45.1 decompilation 11K LhA'd C -
Druid series quick reference (Amiga & C64) 5K HTML -
Guru Meditation Tutorials (English & French) 395K RAR'd AmigaGuide/(M)HTMLs -
OS3.9 The Book (Das Buch) (English & German) 5,200K RAR'd ASCII/PDFs 2nd Edition
Programming in REXX 583K AmigaGuide -
ROM Kernel Manuals: AmigaDOS Manual & User Interface Style Guide 326K LhA'd AmigaGuides -
Serialz List 6K ASCII -
StormC mailing list archive 470K ZIPped ASCII -
WBVirus disassembly 63K ASM -
Your Amiga magazine (7 issues) 146,176K RAR'd PDFs contents

Other Platforms Documents

ACAR Adventurer's Realm hint sheets C64/Amiga 16K ZIPped ASCIIs contents
ACAR tips index C64/Amiga 44K ASCII 13/12/23
ACE tips index - 28K ASCII -
Asteroid Zero-Four scans Atari 400/800 1,603K PDF -
Bard's Tale Construction Set spells list Amiga/MS-DOS 4K ASCII -
Canberra Times adventure tips (1987-1995) - 303,628K RAR'd PDFs index
Code Complete - 6,643K RAR'd CHM 2nd Edition
Handheld/tabletop patent applications Entex/Nintendo/Sharp 4,094K RAR'd ASCII/PDFs/JPEGs contents
Expanding Your Micro (Usborne) - 7,874K RAR'd PDF -
General Instrument TV Games Circuits databook GI 3,390K RAR'd PDF -
Kurt Olsen's Lynx Pages site archive Atari Lynx 2,623K RAR mirror
Miscellaneous Cheats - 107K ASCII 27/1/24
NES handhelds games list NES 109K XLS note
VTech Type-right cassette tape & course book (user manual) Type-right 36,613K RAR'd MP3/ASCII/PDF -
Yes & Know book #1 - 5,097K PDF -
ZZAP! megatapes & tips & reviews indices C64/Amiga 179K RAR'd ASCIIs/HTMLs/XLSes -


Adventure X (aka Alien City) Spectrum 11K ZIPped Z80 from Big K
Australian AMOS Club Newsletters (8 issues) Amiga 3,318K RAR'd AMOSes/PDFs -
Big K type-ins index - 12K ASCII 22/12/23
Capture the Quark & Smalltalker BBC 8K ZIPped SSDs from 21 Games for the BBC Micro
City Bomber & Diamond Miner & Wilderness C64 21K ZIPped D64+CRT+ASCIIs from Your Computer (Australia)
C&VG type-ins index - 52K ASCII 22/12/23
Doodlebug & Magic Dollar Seeds ZX81 4K ZIPped Z81s from ZX Computing
Halley's Comet over Australia C64 5K ZIPped D64+ASCII -
Motorbike Trials Microbee 7K ZIPped DSK+ASCII from Your Computer (Australia)
Not Only 30 Programs for the Sinclair ZX81 1K ZX81 36,040K ASCII/PDF/Z81s -
SoftSide Sampler, The TRS-80 6,172K RAR'd PDF -
SoftSide type-ins index - 24K ASCII -
The Valley PET 11K ZIPped D64+ASCII from Computing Today
Your Computer magazine (Australia) type-ins index - 75K XLS 27/5/24

Game Maps

Bard's Tale Construction Set Amiga/MS-DOS 70K ZIPped GIFs
Castle Adventure MS-DOS 86K ZIPped GIFs
Castle of Doom (aka Castle) Amiga 169K GIF
Citadel of Vras (30/1/18) Amiga 37K LHA'd IFF ILBMs
Dante's Inferno C64 167K ZIPped PNGs
Druid 2: Enlightenment Amiga 2,647K RAR'd GIFs+ASCII
Faery Tale Adventure 1 Amiga et al. 18K GIF
Hillsfar Amiga et al. 6K GIF
Pango MS-DOS 57K ZIPped GIFs
Proton-Run (aka Oops!) C64 225K ZIPped GIFs
Rorke's Drift Amiga/MS-DOS/ST 50K GIF
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Amiga 19K GIF
War in Middle Earth Amiga et al. 521K GIF

Wanted Software

The following rare software is sought, and is currently unavailable. We desire to preserve and make available this software. If you have any of this software, in any format, please email us. We are also seeking any missing disks of the above downloads.

Emerson/Bandai Arcadia: various Japanese homebrews (early 2020s)
Interton VC 4000: Galaxis (Interton, 1982)
Elektor TV Games Computer: most Hocosoft software (see Gaming Guide)
Android: Koules
C64: Suite 64 (ACAR disk magazine) (1980s)
IBM-PC: Lores Toolbox by Elven Software (mid-late 1980s)
Amiga-Live! series by Prime Artifax (late 1980s-early 1990s)
CRobots source code (late 1980s)
Dawks' Hackpack (early 1990s)
Empire 1.33w/2.1w/2.2w/2.25w source code (late 1980s-early 1990s)
Motorola Invaders 1 by Martinsoft (1991?)
Wilbert's Winter Wonderland (aka Magic Forest 3) (Deja Vu AMOS Licenceware #63) by Aaron Fothergill of Shadow Software (1991?)

Wanted Manuals/Newsletters

Amiga:Australian AMOS Club newsletters #6, #8, #10-12, #14+? (early 1990s)
Emerson Arcadia 2001: various
IBM-PC: Bushido: The Way of the Warrior
Macintosh: MacManager
Sinclair: AZUA (Australian ZX Users' Association) magazine and Australian Sinclair Gazette (1981-1986)

If you have anything to upload, please email us. This page was created on 13/6/05, and last updated on Monday 27/5/24.

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