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Emulators: Ami/WinArcadia 24.33 18/4/16
Games: Worm Wars 8.94 12/12/15
Tunnels & Trolls 2.87 25/3/16 English
Utilities: Multi-game Character Editor 9.72 12/4/16 English
Report+ 7.02 3/3/16 English
Miscellaneous: Other Releases 9/4/16

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AmiArcadia logo

WinArcadia 24.33 (Windows): 18 April 2016
AmiArcadia 24.33 (AmigaOS 3): 18 April 2016
AmiArcadia 24.33 (AmigaOS 4): 18 April 2016
AmiArcadia 24.33 (MorphOS): 18 April 2016
Super Bug Advance 1.3 (GBA): 11 September 2009

AmiArcadia and WinArcadia are multi-emulators of these machines:

Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982);
Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Hanimex, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Voltmace, Waddington, etc.) (c. 1978);
Elektor TV Games Computer (1979);
PIPBUG-based machines (Electronics Australia 77up2 and 78up5, Signetics Adaptable Board Computer, Eurocard 2650, etc.) (c. 1977-1978);
Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978);
Central Data 2650 computer (1977);
Astro Wars, Galaxia, Laser Battle and Lazarian coin-ops by Zaccaria (1979-1981);
Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops by Kitronix (c. 1980);
Chaos 2 computer (1983);
Dolphin trainer (1977);
PHUNSY computer (c. 1980);
AY-3-8550/8600-based Pong systems (c. 1976-1977);
Ravensburger Selbstbaucomputer aka 2650 Minimal Computer trainer (1984);
MIKIT 2650 trainer (1978); and
VTech Type-right machine (1985).

Features: ReAction GUI load/save states windowed and full-screen modes CPU tracing trainer drag and drop support graphics scaling automatic load/save of configuration/game keyboard/joystick/gamepad/paddle/mouse/trackball support autofire turbo mode gameplay recording/playback sprite demultiplexing help windows source code debugger frame skipping redefinable keys save screenshots (4 supported formats) ARexx port network play (IPv4 or IPv6) real-time monitor locale support game selection sidebar text-to-speech printer output artefacting support for ZIPped games clipboard support palette editor tone retuning high score management force feedback sprite editor 3D assembler CALM support

AmiArcadia has been covermounted on Amiga Future (Germany), and has made the Aminet Top Ten, and is the most downloaded emulator on Aminet. It has been downloaded over 60,000 times from Aminet alone. The supported languages are currently English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish. AmiArcadia and WinArcadia were each awarded ratings of 5 stars by emuita.it. TV-Games.ru describes WinArcadia as an "excellent and virtually unique emulator".

Requires (Windows version): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, DirectX 9.0+.
Requires (AmigaOS 3.x version): OS3.5+, 16Mb free RAM.
Requires (MorphOS version): ReAction.
Recommended (AmigaOS 3.x version): RTG, AHI V4+.
Changes since V24.32:
Added "Settings|BIOS|PIPBUG (300 baud)" option.
Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Download WinArcadia 24.33 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10:
Program binary [2,345K RAR]
Source code [2,133K RAR]
Download AmiArcadia 24.33 for AmigaOS 3.5+ [4,148K LhA]
Download AmiArcadia 24.33 for AmigaOS 4.0+ [4,445K LhA]
Download AmiArcadia 24.33 for MorphOS [4,426K LhA]
Download Super Bug Advance 1.3 for Game Boy Advance [71K ZIP] - (readme)

Go to Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central for games, manuals, etc. for the emulated systems.

If you would like to help translate Ami/WinArcadia to other languages, please email us.

Worm Wars logo

Worm Wars 8.94 (Windows): 12 December 2015
Worm Wars 8.94 (AmigaOS 2-3): 12 December 2015
Worm Wars 8.94 (AmigaOS 4): 12 December 2015
Worm Wars 8.94 (MorphOS): 12 December 2015
Worm Wars 8.86 (AROS x86): 29 May 2014
Worm Wars 0.1 (GBA): 29 June 2009

This is an advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game for up to 4 simultaneous players.

Features: 36 object types 36 creature types 12 bonus level types integrated level editor level shuffling option saved high score tables human and/or Amiga worm control music sound effects 4 joystick players simultaneously 4 CD�� gamepad players simultaneously 2 keyboard players simultaneously source code animations help windows screenmode sensitive locale support application.library support

This is the 140th release of Worm Wars. The supported languages are currently English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

Requires (AmigaOS 3.x version): OS2.1+, 2Mb free RAM.
Recommended (AmigaOS 3.x version): Flicker fixer.

Download Worm Wars 8.94 for Windows 9x/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 [830K ZIP]
Download Worm Wars 8.94 for AmigaOS 2.1-3.9 [789K LhA]
Download Worm Wars 8.94 for AmigaOS 4.0+ [1,020K LhA]
Download Worm Wars 8.94 for MorphOS [673K LhA]
Download Worm Wars 8.86 for AROS x86 [647K TAR BZ2] - (readme)
Download Worm Wars 0.1 for Game Boy Advance [165K ZIP] - (readme)
Download updated Italian catalog for Worm Wars 8.94 [4K ZIPped IFF CTLG]

Worm Wars has been covermounted on Amiga Format (England), AmigActive (England), Amiga Future (Germany), Amiga Magazin [sic] (Germany), Amiga Survivor (England), Compatible PC Magazine (France), and various compilations, has been featured in Amiga Format, has been reviewed in Amiga Future, has been a featured selection on several major download sites, and has won multiple awards, such as the Amiga Survivor Game of the Month, the File Mine 5 Star Award, the Hot-ShareWare.com 5 Star Award, and has made the AmigActive Top Freely Distributable Games List and the Aminet Charts, was awarded 8 stars by webgamelist.com, and is included as part of AmigaSYS. Be aware that there are various crap "Worm Wars" games available which are unauthorized and infringing clones.

If you would like to help translate Worm Wars to other languages, please email us.

Tunnels & Trolls 2.87 (Windows): 25 March 2016
Tunnels & Trolls 2.87 (AmigaOS 2): 25 March 2016

This is an implementation of the Tunnels & Trolls game (5th Edition), in its solitaire form, consisting of the game engine and 27 adventures:

Amulet of the Salkti
Arena of Khazan
Beyond the Silvered Pane
Blue Frog Tavern
Buffalo Castle
Captif d'Yvoire
Caravan to Tiern
Castle Ward
Circle of Ice
City of Terrors
Dargon's Dungeon
Deathtrap Equalizer
Gamesmen of Kasar
Goblin Lake
Hela's House of Dark Delights
Naked Doom
Red Circle
Sea of Mystery
Sewers of Oblivion
Sorcerer Solitaire
Sword for Hire
Trollstone Caverns

Requires (Amiga version): OS2.0+, 4Mb free RAM.
Recommended (Amiga version): OS3.5+.

Download Tunnels & Trolls 2.87 for Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 [10,592K RAR]
Download Tunnels & Trolls 2.87 for AmigaOS 2.0+ [11,501K LhA]
Download scan of complete rulebook [6,547K RAR'd PDF]


Multi-game Character Editor 9.72 (AmigaOS 3): 12 April 2016
Multi-game Character Editor 9.72 (AmigaOS 4): 12 April 2016
Multi-game Character Editor 9.72 (MorphOS): 12 April 2016

MCE (Multi-game Character Editor) is a user-friendly editor of character files, saved games and high score tables for these 63 games:

Bard's Tale 1-3 & Construction Set (1987-1992)
BattleTech (1989)
Bloodwych (1989)
Chambers of Shaolin (1989)
Champions of Krynn (1990)
Citadel of Vras (1989)
Dark Castle (1988)
Deja Vu 1 & 2 (1986-1989)
Demon's Winter (1989)
Dragon Wars (1990)
Druid 2 (1988)
Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2 (1990-1992)
Faery Tale Adventure (1986)
Grand Monster Slam (1989)
Great Giana Sisters/Hard 'n' Heavy (1988-1989)
GridStart 1-3 (1987-1988)
Heroes of the Lance (1988)
Hillsfar (1989)
Impossible Mission 2 (1988)
Keef the Thief (1989)
Last Ninja Remix (1990)
Legend of Faerghail (1990)
Legend of Lothian (1991)
Might & Magic 2 (1990)
Neuromancer (1989)
Nitro (1990)
Phantasie 1 & 3 (1987)
Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions (1992-1995)
Pirates! (1990)
Pool of Radiance (1990)
Questron 2 (1988)
Return of the Jedi (1988)
Rockford (1988)
Rogue (1986)
Shadowgate (1987)
Shadowlands (1992)
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (1987)
Slaygon (1987)
Syndicate (1993)
Temple of Apshai (1986)
Times of Lore (1988)
Transylvania 1 & 2 (1986)
Ultima 3-6 (1986-1992)
Uninvited (1987)
Winter Games (1987)
Wizardry 6 (1990)
World Games (1987)
Zerg (1989)

Source code is included.

Requires (AmigaOS 3.x version): OS3.9+BB1, 8Mb free RAM.
Requires (MorphOS version): ReAction.
Changes since V9.71:
Enhanced Questron 2 editor.
Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Download MCE 9.72 for OS3.9+ [1,503K LhA]
Download MCE 9.72 for OS4.0+ [1,746K LhA]
Download MCE 9.72 for MorphOS [1,735K LhA]
Read Amiga game file formats technical information [287K ASCII] (12/4/16)

Report+ logo

Report+ 7.02 (AmigaOS 3): 3 March 2016
Report+ 7.02 (AmigaOS 4): 3 March 2016
Report+ 7.02 (MorphOS): 3 March 2016

Report+ is a freeware ReAction-based utility with nine functions:

It is a friendly, compatible replacement for the official Commodore bug reporting tool (V40.2), optionally sending emails automatically.
It can generate/edit Aminet-style and OS4Depot-style readmes.
It can edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory.
It can access the official manufacturer and product ID registries.
It can view IFF/RIFF files and their component chunks.
It can perform batch processing on icon files.
It can convert between various ASCII formats.
It can show directory byte usage for any path, optionally also fixing protection bits and/or deleting files.
It can take a snapshot of a path and later compare the path against this, showing added, missing and changed files.

This is the 160th release of Report+. Source code is included.

Requires (AmigaOS 3.x version): OS3.9+BB1.
Requires (MorphOS version): ReAction.

Download Report+ 7.02 for AmigaOS 3.9+ [448K LhA]
Download Report+ 7.02 for AmigaOS 4.0+ [552K LhA]
Download Report+ 7.02 for MorphOS [507K LhA]

Other Releases

Windows/ GBA

Dungeon!1.0 betaWindows18/10/026,571KRARreadmegame/board
GBA Coding Guide-GBA17/7/094KASCII-docs/help
KoulesV1.4 R1.2Windows8/2/16210KZIPreadmegame/actio
Koules playthrough videoV1.4 R1.15Windows----game/actio
Microdot scans---3,307KRAR'd PDF-game/board
Release Notes-All12/4/16180KRAR'd ASCIIscontentsdocs/misc

AmigaOS/ MorphOS/ AROS x86

ACSE Test Administrator1.0aAmigaOS 3.9+BB121/12/1145KLhAEnglishreadmeutil/misc
Africa1.42AmigaOS 3.0+9/4/16279KLhAreadmegame/board
Africa1.42AmigaOS 4.0+9/4/16324KLhAreadmegame/board
Africa scans---8,297KRAR'd JPEGsEnglish-game/board
AmigaBASIC Collection-AmigaOS 1.2-1.33/12/10161KLhAEnglishcontentsmisc/antiq
Amiga Notes-Amiga/MOS9/4/1659KASCIIEnglish-docs/help
Annotate2.33AmigaOS 2.0+16/4/10121KLhAEnglishreadmedev/cross
Boing Bags #3 & #4 for OS3.91.21AmigaOS 3.9+BB217/2/166,860KLhAEnglishreadmemisc/os
CodeWar1.63AmigaOS 3.9+BB116/2/15264KLhAEnglishreadmegame/misc
CodeWar1.63AmigaOS 4.0+16/2/15239KLhAEnglishreadmegame/misc
CTLG2CT1.1AmigaOS 2.0+, 4.0+22/2/1620KLhAEnglishreadmeutil/conv
Developer Companion6.01AmigaOS 3.922/3/1267KLhA'd AmigaGuideEnglishreadmedocs/hyper
Draco2C1.0bAmigaOS 2.0+30/7/0516KLhAEnglishreadmedev/lang
FunnyMuV0.48 R1.0AmigaOS 3.0+10/7/10171KLhAEnglishreadmemisc/emu
GadgetExample.c1.0AmigaOS 2.04+1/9/0128KZIPEnglishreadmedev/src
HandyV0.95 R2.2AmigaOS 3.5+4/3/15163KLhAEnglishreadmemisc/emu
HowDif3.0AmigaOS 2.0+13/10/1319KLhAEnglishreadmedev/cross
KoulesV1.4 R1.2AmigaOS 3.1+8/2/16238KLhAEnglishreadmegame/actio
KoulesV1.4 R1.2AmigaOS 4.05+8/2/16229KLhAEnglishreadmegame/actio
KoulesV1.4 R1.2MorphOS8/2/16235KLhAEnglishreadmegame/actio
KoulesV1.4 R1.17AROS x863/8/12157KTARred BZ2Englishreadmegame/actio
OS3.9 Autodocs in AmigaGuide format1.0AmigaOS 3.920/12/04772KLhA'd AmigaGuidesEnglishreadmedocs/hyper
ReAction for MorphOS-MorphOS-283KLhAEnglishreadmeutil/sys
Saga: Age of Heroes1.87AmigaOS 3.0+26/3/16383KLhAreadmegame/board
Saga: Age of Heroes1.87AmigaOS 4.0+26/3/16441KLhAreadmegame/board
Saga: Age of Heroes1.87MorphOS26/3/16427KLhAreadmegame/board
Saga: Age of Heroes1.81AROS x8629/2/12392KZIPreadmegame/board
Saga: Age of Heroes scans---9,807KRAREnglish-game/board
StormC Includes for OS3.91.0aAmigaOS 3.99/8/041,211KLhA'd headersEnglishreadmedev/c
TextEditorExample.c1.0aAmigaOS 3.5+7/3/0112KZIPEnglishreadmedev/src
uBee512V5.6.0 R1.0AmigaOS 3.0+1/3/151,252KLhAEnglishreadmemisc/emu
uBee512V5.6.0 R1.0MorphOS1/3/151,287KLhAEnglishreadmemisc/emu
Undocumented AmigaOS1.0AmigaOS 3.98/1/1681KLhA'd AmigaGuideEnglishreadmedocs/hyper

Files in yellow are not available on Aminet, for various reasons. Source code is included in each archive.

This page was created on 11/8/99, and was last updated on Tuesday 19/4/16. All resources are in English unless otherwise noted. All version numbers are decimal (eg. V1.4 is higher than V1.23). All dates are dd/mm/yy format. Russian locale support should not be construed as implying support for the deplorable Russian wars of aggression in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, etc. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, contributions, etc. about anything on this site, you can email us. The following images may be used to link to these sites.

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