Tip for new players.

When playing alone, pause the game and you can still look around with the B' button. This may help new pilots so they can pause the action, look around and plan their route.

To kill the Red Baron:

First select unlimited damage, 200 rounds of ammo, no collisions, unlimited men if you're not good at landing, and a dueling start. Once you're in the air, fire your machine guns at the Baron. After he flies by, waste your ammunition on purpose. Next, land. While your men are trying to fix your plane, the Baron will crash trying to shoot you on the ground.

Single player grave sight.

For single-player Grave Sight, as soon as you die (when the roses and skulls border appears) quickly pause the game. 'A' button will change the viewpoint from plane to plane (And to the point where you died). Look around with the joypad.