In Tournament Cyberball there is an apparent bug in the game that can be a real cheat. This works well against another human player. I haven't tried it against the computer. I'm guessing the computer is "too smart" to fall for this cheat. Anyways, if you're fairly far up the field, you can run your quarterback all the way to the opposite end of the field, before throwing your pass. "Unrealistic" passes can be completed from the opposite end of the field. Watch out though, some computerized cyberbots will follow you all the way.

The advantage of this cheat is simple: It takes out a few of the computerized defenders, and it throws the defense player off by not allowing the defense player to see where your receivers are going. In other words, all you see on both player's lynx's is a pretty much blank screen with nothing but a quarterback and a few rushers....With enough practice, one can have little trouble blindly throwing passes like this.

Lastly, don't try this cheat on the "Real" arcade version of this game. It doesn't work. Actually it's quite amusing what happens. When you think the quarterback is going to throw a 70 + yard pass, he/she/it ends up throwing a pass that lands like 1 yard right in front of the QB. Try it if you're ahead sometime on the arcade version. Is kinda amusing....;-)

Todd's Passing tips:
Press the direction that you want the pass to go, i.e. left, up for center or right. Then while the joypad is pressed in that direction, press the A button to pass the ball down field. Wait till the reciever is on or near its mark, because the ball is passed to the mark on the field, not the reciever.

Good Luck! In just a mater of time you will get the passing down and begin to kick butt! You can't help it, your name is Todd, Todd's are the best video game players in the world. That is why Atari has immortalized us with games such as Todd's Adventures In Slime World and Todd's World in Club Drive.

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