1. To get a lightning bolt, PAUSE the game and press OPT1, A, OPT1, and UNPAUSE
  2. To get 5 extra guys, PAUSE, OPT1, B, B, A, A, OPT1, UNPAUSE (Thanks to Steve Ryno of Atari for this one) Both of these should be used while the game is in progress. The lightning bolt can be used as many times as you like, but you can only use the Extra man trick once.
  3. To skip levels PAUSE (during the game) and pressing OPT 1, B, B, B, OPT 1, and UNPAUSE. Now press OPT 1 to activate anytime during the game.
  4. To get a lightning bolt at any time PAUSE, hold down OPT 1 hit A, B, A Then release OPT 1 and hit OPT 1 the 2nd time. The Lighting Bolt will appear. Hit B to activate.