From: dab1@ukc.ac.uk

First, get the notebook from the chest of drawers. Go into the bedroom and get the tinder box from the table and the crucifix from the bed. Use the crucifix. Go to the dining room, get the oil from the table. Talk to Dracula, and immediately afterwards, use the notebook. Go to the antechamber, open the window and look out of it. Use the notebook. Climb out of the window and go to the next window on the right. This room should be the bedroom. Open the window and climb out of it. Make your way to the top right window (it should be a big window like the one you climbed out of initially). Examine the table, then use the notebook. Get the lantern, fill it with oil and light it with the tinderbox. Go through the door on the right into Dracula's money room. Get some money, get the box, then open the box. Use the iron key you find in it on the door. Go into the crypt. Turn the lantern so that it says "The lantern has been turned down". Go down, right. Get the twine. Go right, down, down. Get the crowbar, examine the coffin, use the notebook. Find your way back to Dracula's study. Climb out of the window, and go back to the top left hand window. Go to the south wing landing and use the crowbar on the door. Enter the sewing room. Wait to be returned to the bedroom and then use the notebook. Climb out of the window and go to the top left hand one. Go to the dining room, get the sugar from the table. Go back to Dracula's study and get the lantern. Light the lantern with the tinderbox and enter the catacombs again. Go down, right, right, down, down. Get the small brass key from the coffin. Return to the south hallway and use the small brass key to open the clock. Get the small key. Return to Dracula's study, examine the desk and then use the notebook. Get the hook from the drawer. Go to the money room and turn the lever on the bottom wall. Enter the library through the door which opens and examine the books. Examine the book you get, then tie the twine to the hook. Enter the catacombs and go down, right, up, up. Climb the ladder and then use the sugar on the horse. Get the spade and use it on the well. The fishing line on the well, then climb down the well. THE END.