From: wsgbat@rwa.urc.tue.nl (A. Thissen)

Level Codes:

Level codes are only revealed for every four levels completed.

        Level name:                     Code:

1  	Let's get the spear             LYNX
2  	Let's get the torch
3  	Nobody steals our idol
4  	Let's get the rope
5  	Let's get our friend            KRIS
6  	Jump over the mammoth
7  	Rescue the witchdoctor
8  	Visit a girlie
9  	Feed the god                    CAVA
10 	Rescue Fido
11 	Visit a friend
12 	Go fishing
13 	Let's go hunting                DBBS
14 	Visit your cousin
15 	Visit a girlie
16 	Our idol is missing
17 	Feed me                         TINA
18 	Recover the boulder
19 	Find your friend
20 	It's your wife's birthday
21 	Go home for tea                 KITI
22 	Get those fishies
23 	Find your brother
24 	Get food for party
25 	Party time