A vital space station has been taken over by wicked Xybot warriors. It is up to you to work alone or with a friend to destroy the Xybots and reclaim the space station. If you fail, the federation must abandon its plans to colonize space. If this happens, all civilization will die. Only you can save the human race. But can you save yourself?


1. Insert the Xybots game card. For a two-player game, use the Comlynx cable and insert a card in each Lynx. Turn on your Lynxes.
2. Press A or B to start the game.


When the game begins, the Federation Warrior (and his partner, in a two-player game) stands in one of the maze-like hallways of the space station. His energy pack is full and his adrenaline is pumping. He is ready to conquer the space station. But can he do it?

Use the joypad to move the Warrior through the space station in his search for Xybots. As you move, the Warrior's auto-mapper keeps track of the labyrinth. Press Option 2 to view the map. To turn a corner, hold down the B button and press the joypad in the direction you wish to turn.

When a Xybot appears, shoot it with the A button. If things look really bad, send a Zap ray with Option 1. Zap rays are powerful, but they use valuable energy. Without energy, your space suit will fail. The Energy light on your backpack flashes yellow when you run low. Then it flashes red, your demise is imminent.

There are many kinds of Xybots. Some are weak and can be destroyed easily. Others are more powerful. Learn to recognize each type. This will help you survive.

As you search for Xybots, keep an eye open for coins. These will help you buy powerful items from the vending machines.

Also watch for the following:
To complete a level, find all exits. For bonus points, destroy all Xybots on the level. When you exit, you will go to the vending machine room before going on to the next level.


Use the coins you find to purchase items from the vending machines. To use a vending machine, press the joypad up or down to scroll through the list of items. Available items are white. Unavailable items are gray. An item is not available if you do not have enough money to buy it. Press A when the desired item is highlighted. The box to the left of the item shows whether or not you have that item, and how many you have. You may purchase more than one of some items.

The following items are available: Select DONE to leave the vending machine. You can go directly to DONE by pressing B.


In a two-player game, the following special rules apply.

The first Warrior to leave a level receives 5000 points.
If you die, a status screen appears while you wait for the other player to finish the level or die. If he dies, you die too.
If a Warrior is neutralized when his partner leaves the level, he receives 50% energy, but he loses all the items he has collected.
The first player to exit determines if the players will warp. If the first player uses a Warp Exit, the second player will also warp, regardless of the exit he uses.


Watch your back when you turn a corner.
Learn to recognize the various Xybots.
In a two-player game, cooperation is essential.
Keep an eye on your energy level. Do not pick up an energy orb if your energy is high. Remember where it is and return when necessary.


Bonus points are awarded as follows: