Turbo Sub

Getting Started

1. Insert the Turbo Sub game card into your Lynx as described in the Lynx Owner's Manual.
2. If you are playing with a second player, connect both Lynxes and insert both game cards as described in the Lynx Owner's Manual.
3. Turn on the Lynx.
4. Press A or B to clear the title screen. When the game starts, the Turbo Sub is flying toward a squadron of enemy Stealth Raiders.

Don't Panic, But . . .

It's late in the 28th century, and Earth has been overrun by intergalactic barbarians. The fate of civilization now rests in your hands. Heavily outnumbered, your elite Turbo Sub unit has been ordered to eliminate the invaders. If you can wipe out the enemy, harmony will be restored throughout the planet. But if you fail, your commanders will retreat and leave Earth to the invading horde!

Playing Turbo Sub

The cockpit view shows your score, the number of Turbo Subs left, the number of mega-bombs left, the combat level, the score of the other player (if two people are playing), and the fuel level. Use the crosshairs to find your targets and navigate your sub. The yellow portion of the fuel gauge shows how much astro-protein (Turbo Sub fuel) is left; the Turbo Sub won't run without fuel.

The Turbo Sub is a very mobile ship. To climb, press down on the joypad, and press up on the joypad to dive. To bank left or right, press the left or right side of the joypad.

Although admired for its great handling, the Turbo Sub is best known for its firepower. Press the A button to fire the powerful electro-plasma cannon. Press the B button to release a mega-bomb, which will hit all enemies within view. The Turbo Sub can't carry many mega-bombs, so save them for real emergencies.

It is not unusual for a Turbo Sub commander to spot an astro foil. Astro foils, which were developed in the 21st century to protect the ozone layer, are valued sources of energy. If picked up, the ship's computer will convert the astro foil into an extra Turbo Sub or extra fuel, depending upon which is needed more.

If the Turbo Sub computer detects an underwater gem pod zone, the screen will show a DIVE message. Press the top of the joypad to move the Turbo Sub under water.

While under water, stay alert. You might find gem pods or you might just find trouble. Gem pods are the currency of the 28th century and can be exchanged for valuable weapons and supplies. To collect a gem pod, run into it with your Turbo Sub, but beware of the alien's traps and obstacles.

Pillars, lasers, and gamma charges aren't the only dangers of the deep. Mutated sea creatures, explosive mines, and enemy craft await you Turbo Sub in the murky depths.

Fortunately, secret supply centers were built near all known gem pod zones. Guide your Turbo Sub into the nearest supply center.

When you're inside the supply center, use the joypad to move the cursor to a desired option, then press either the A or B button. If you change your mind, press either button again. The cost is subtracted from the total at the top of the screen. Except for the first three options, all selections will last for one combat level. The extra ship, fuel, and mega-bombs all last until used up.

To leave the supply center and resume your mission, use the joypad to move the cursor to Next Level, then press A.

The Turbo Sub will be transported back to the battlefield. If you bought the Tracking option, press Option 1 button so that the feature will begin working. Tracking hooks up the electro-plasma cannon to the ship computer so the Turbo Sub can automatically target its enemies.


Don't be a sitting duck. Dive, climb, and bank to make your ship harder for the enemy to hit.
The electro-plasma cannon is ineffective against pillars, lasers, and gamma charges.
Don't waste your mega-bombs. Save them for when you really need them.


Lists of your enemies follow the title screen. If you wait a moment before beginning the game, you'll see what each of these foes looks like and how many points their destruction is actually worth.

Each astro foil you pick up is worth 500 points. Gem pods do not earn points when they are picked up, although they may be used to purchase supplies and weapons.

Pillars, lasers, and gamma charges are not worth any points. You cannot shoot them, so just avoid hitting them.

If you are Comlynxed with a second player, compete for the highest point total.