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You are Todd, a bold and nearly fearless galactic explorer. Whether you are by yourself, or part of a two to eight man crew, you like nothing better than planets full of weird and dangerous creatures. On an exploration mission in the Andromeda sector, you dis- cover a mysterious drifting starship. You board the deserted ship, and retrieve part of the captains log.

The log describes Slime World, a planet teeming with slime gooey disgusting life forms. You only have the first section of each dates entry, so the information is maddeningly incomplete. But when you reach the first reference to valuable slime gems, you immediately order the android copilot to set in a course for Slime World!

When you arrive you discover that Murphy's Law works overtime on Slime World. Whatever can go wrong does go wrong. In many adventures a new and exciting monkey wrench is thrown into the gears. And every misadventure is populated with Maggots, Drools, and other revolting creatures.

In one adventure you discover that there is only one escape capsule and it's a one seater. Unfortunately there are more crewmembers than there are seats. Will you get to it first, or will you be stranded forever with nothing but slimeballs for neighbors?

Slip and slide your way through six complex solo adventures and, if you are Comlynxed, six challenging multi-player adventures. Try not to get slimed, and keep those aliens from getting stuck to your face!


Todd's Adventures in Slime World is a wonderfully gross and repulsive adventure game for one to eight players.

Follow the steps listed below to start the game: 1. With your Lynx system switched off, insert the game card as described in the Lynx Owner's Manual.

Warning: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend, crush, or attempt to clean the game card.

2. For multiplayer Slime World, connect the Comlynx cables.

3. Press ON. The loading screen, and then the Slime World title screen displays. In multi-player games, make sure the correct number of players displays on the title screen. If the correct number of players is not displayed, switch off your Lynxs, check your connections, and try again.

4. Press A. An multi-player Slime World, any player can press A.) The first of six Adventure Description screens displays.

5. Move the joypad up or down to scroll through the Adventure Description screens. When the Adventure Description screen for the desired level displays, press A to begin play.

You can also begin play at restart points you have already passed during the current play session. (See the Summary screen for a description of restart points.) Display the Restart screen if you wish to begin play at a restart point instead of at the beginning of a level. Press A or B. A six character code displays. Press the joypad up or down to scroll through available letters and numbers to change the character displayed in the highlighted code slot. When the correct character displays in the code slot, press the joypad to the right to highlight the next code slot. When the correct restart code is displayed, press A or B to begin play.

Optional Game Controls

To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you to modify the display pause and restart the game, and toggle the music on and off:


Follow these instructions to display the onscreen game instructions:

1. Display the first Adventure screen (Easy) as described under Getting Started.

2. Use the joypad to scroll through all six Adventure Description screens. After the sixth screen displays, the Summary screen displays. Press A.

3. The Summary screens explain how to play Slime World. Follow the onscreen instructions to scroll through each summary screen. When you are through reading the summary, press A to return to the title screen.


Todd swiveled his chair to face the computer screen after giving the android copilot the coordinates for Slime World. Then he asked the ship's computer, "Hey, Morty, are you sure you can't retrieve any more of those files?"

There was a pause, and a voice issued from the terminal. "Positive, Boss. It looks like the entire ship was exposed to some bizarre magnetic phenomena... an electromagnetic radiation beam, maybe. Real Buck Rogers stuff, you know? I'm surprised there's any intact data at all."

Todd sighed. "Ok Morty, show me what you have. You say that the journal entries were recorded by voicerecorder and transcribed into text files?"

"That's right," Morty said. "The guy was talking into his microphone as he was walking through the slime. Gross."

"Spare me the editorial, and start again, at the beginning."

"Sure Boss." The first journal entry displayed on the illuminated screen...

Confederation Date: 3042.3.14
First solo landing, Slime World.

From what I have observed on the surface, the planet was once inhabited by humanoid lifeforms. This explains the abundance of helpful artifacts. The humanoid population was apparently unable to subdue the overwhelming numbers of quickly reproducing slime creatures, and so they abandoned the planet. I am standing next to a tunnel entryway into the planets subterranean maze. I will enter and explore.

I am in a small chamber. The floor, walls and ceiling are coated in green slime. I picked up several artifacts: a slime shield and two devices which seem to increase the potency of my weapon. And in the slime I found a glowing gemstone of extraordinary value! How odd that such a beautiful gem would exist here in the fetid muck. I am entering the next chamber Ahhhgg! (nontranslatable, 2 minutes 46 seconds) it's dead. When I shot it with water it exploded in a shower of green droplets. The drops...

"That's it for the first entry Boss. Here comes the next one."

Confederation Date: 3042.3.18
Second solo landing, Slime World.

I have never experienced such a deadly fast breakdown of life support systems. I barely had time to communicate to the rescue ship before I jetpacked down to the surface. I must meet the ship at the landing zone, 47 kilometers to the east. The radiation levels on the surface are too high for safety, so I must again enter the depths of Slime World.

(nontranslatable, 4 minutes 21 seconds) So many creatures! My clothing drips with slime I must use a shield. Ah, better. There are many artifacts here, and many gems. But I must not tarry, the ship will not wait forever.

A green fall of slime, spewing out disgusting gobbets of putrescence Should I jump or...

"Or what? Come on Morty!" Todd was on the edge of his chair.

"That's the end of the entry, Boss" Morty said apologetically. "Here's number three."

"Ok, just keep them coming Morty."

Confederation Date: 3042.5.20
Third solo landing, Slime World.

Another ship failure! I can't believe it! All my profits are going to pay for new ships. And this time I don't know where the rescue ship will land. Oh well, back underground.

Through the door there are slime creatures patrolling a shaft of red slime, the sticky stuff. I will shoot from the door and dodge the drops and then jump from green to green slime, trying to avoid the red slime.

At the bottom of the shaft there seems to be...

Confederation Date: 3043.1.3
Fourth Solo landing, Slime World.
My ship's in trouble, and Slime World is going to collapse in on itself. The computer says that the fungal growths that normally stabilize the planet have gone wild. If they are not removed from the slime, the planet is doomed. I must find and pick the mushrooms to gain time for the repairs needed on the ship.

I thought the long fall down a slippery shaft would be my doom, but a pool of water at the bottom of the shaft cushioned my fall.

I shoot them and shoot them but it does no good! Where are the shields? I must...

Confederation Date: 3043.3.14
Fifth Solo landing, Slime World.
The ship was damaged on landing. I can't fix it. My only hope is to wander Slime World and hope for a miracle.

The gods are against me! My weapon is malfunctioning, and without it I have slim chance of survival in this hideous place.

I encountered sticky red slime, and then slipped on bluish slime and plunged to the bottom of a shaft, into water. A door to the right leads to a large chamber filled by a slime pool. To traverse the chamber it appears I must...

"Argh!" growled Todd. "It's like watching soap operas!"

Morty said nothing and displayed the next entry.

Confederation Date: 3043.6.8
Sixth solo landing, Slime World.

Will wonders never cease? Nothing is wrong with the ship, and with a little luck I will be able to collect enough slime gems to finance a larger expedition, with a real crew! Down I go, into what I hope will be an area rich in gems and poor in slime creatures!

My luck holds. This is the worst section of Slime World so far. Multitudes of gross and dangerous creatures abound. And I discovered something extremely important. When you shoot the red slime gems they...

"They what? They what?" Todd exclaimed. "I don't think I can take much more of this. Did he survive, Morty?"

"Here's the next entry, Boss."

Confederation Date: 3044.10.8
First expedition with crew, Slime World.

I found my brother's ship, and am continuing his log, but I have no hope that my brother lives. My crew and I will explore for his remains, but from what I have read of this place, I don't think we will be successful.

We gained entrance to the underground maze, and found some of the fabulous gems that led my brother to his doom. The lifeforms here are deadly, and hideous to behold. A flyheaded creature exploded in green slime when my science officer shot it. Bubbles of yellow pus swell from the floor and explode spontaneously. Gorflaxus nearly drowned in a slime pool because he neglected to...

Confederation Date: 3045.1.27
Second expedition with crew, Slime World.

Our ship developed a major malfunction and we had to abandon her. The rescue ship will meet us soon, and we must make our way to the landing site. The radiation levels on the planet's surface make overland travel too dangerous, and so we must again descend into slime.

Joledi is dead. She encountered a brown, tentacled creature that somehow latched on to her face and when we tried to remove it, she O sweet gods, maggots! Where are they coming from? Get down, Gorflaxus get down get...

"Sweet gods my eye," Todd mumbled. "Sweet demons, it sounds like Keep going, Morty."

Confederation Date: 3045.2.5
Third expedition with crew, Slime World.

Those foul hearted space dogs! Mutiny! Mutiny on my ship! They disabled the ship so we could not take off. I wanted to put as much distance as possible between myself and Slime World, and now that is impossible. The remaining crew decided to go back for more gems, and they disabled the ship to prevent me from taking off. They did their job too well. The ship will never take off from Slime World.

I must reach the rescue ship before they do, or I will be here forever, along with my brother.

I discovered how to keep the deadly worms at bay. If I shoot at the pincers, the worms will...

Confederation Date: 3045.10.3
Fourth expedition with new crew, Slime World.

This entry is very similar to one of my brothers entries. My ship is in need of repairs, and the fungal growths of Slime World that normally stabilize the planet must be removed from the slime or the planet is doomed. We must find and pick the mushrooms to gain time for Neethphtheh to complete repairs on the ship.

The entire planet seems to shiver when a mushroom is plucked from the slimy medium in which it grows. We have found many, but the computer says the planet is still in trouble.

I am revolted by the spitters that rear their heads and spew forth slime droplets that drench me and my crew. Maybe if...

Confederation Date: 3045.10.17
Fifth expedition with crew, Slime World.

Now it's war! I will melt those mutinous pigs if it is the last thing I do! There are bottles of poison here that will make my weapon shoot slime, and I intend to use them! I don't know what it is about this planet that inspires treachery, but I will not tolerate it!

Red blood flies are numerous, but with a shoot and back off, shoot and back off approach, they can be eliminated fairly safely. I can see on my map that my crew is in the next chamber. I will now attempt to discover what a mega bomb does to humanoid life forms, and...

"He disintegrated his crew?" Morty was astounded.

"Seems like he tried," Todd said thoughtfully. "Let's have the last entry."

Confederation Date: 3046.10.24
Sixth expedition with new crew, Slime World.

Green and red creatures patrol most shafts in this part of Slime World. Shooting down into the shafts from a distance seems the safest way to destroy them. Artifacts are scarce. We only use a shield at great need. We are attempting to make our way back to the entry point to try to escape this death trap. I am afraid that Jump! Jump now! O sweet gods...

"That's a pretty short entry, Morty. Where's the rest of it?"

"That's it Boss. That's the end of the transmission. I guess he didn't make it. And Boss we've arrived."

The thrusters flared briefly, maintaining the ship's low orbit. Todd swiveled to observe the visi-screen. Sickly green clouds partially obscured the planet's surface. Occasional breaks in the cloud layer revealed a green terrain. Not the healthy color of growing plants, but rather the nauseating hue of decaying flesh.

Todd adjusted the magnification to display greater detail. A huge yellow bubble on the planers surface swelled to disgusting proportions and then popped, showering green and yellow slime over the surrounding landscape.

Todd was silent. Then he took a deep breath. "Morty, take us down."

The cabin was quiet as the ship descended and came to rest on the surface of Slime World...


The following table lists some of the creatures found in Slime World, and how many points you get for melting them with your water weapon. The table also lists the points received for finding tools and slime gems.
Slime Creature              Points Received
Maggot ................................ 300
Mildew .............................. 1,200
Groach .............................. 3,900
Flyhead ............................. 4,700
Scab ................................ 4,800
Blob ................................ 4,900
Drools .............................. 5,900
Octospid ............................ 7,800
Hidden Snapper ...................... 8,400
Headsucker .......................... 8,700
Spitter ............................. 8,800
Redeye .............................. 9,700
Tapeworm ............................ 9,900
Bloodfly ............................ 9,900

Tool or Gem                 Points Received
Tools ............................... 5,000
Slime Gem .......................... 10,000
Super Slime Gem ................... 100,000

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