Louie the scrapyard guy was eating his lunch when that dangerous gangster Mr. Big blasted his way into the yard and poochnapped Scraps, the scrapyard dog. Boy was Louie Mad! Not only did Mr. Big purloin the Puppy, he knocked Louie's Headcheese sandwich into the dirt. Armed with a bunch of old cans, Louie set out to rescue his dog and avenge his headcheese. Can Louie save his cruelly captured canine, or will Scraps end up dogmeat? Find out by helping Louie rescue his scrapyard dog!


1. Turn on your Lynx and insert the Scrapyard Dog card as described in the Lynx Owner's Manual.
2. Turn on the Lynx
3. Press A to get the Option screen.


When the game starts. Mr. Big drives into the scrapyard and dognaps Scraps, the scrapyard dog.

The status bar across the top of the screen shows the amount of time left to complete the current level, the number of money bags collected so far, weapon icons (depending on which weapon you have), and the current score. When a weapon is bought, the number of shots left is shown as well.

To rescue Scraps, Louie must stay on his toes. Quick jumps, last second ducks and well-timed can tosses are necessary if Louie is to succeed. Louie must reach each checkpoint along the way within a specific time period. Along the way, he must also find weapons and other items he will need to defeat Mr. Big, as well as money to buy weapons.

To go right or left, press the joypad in the desired direction. Press down to duck and up to face forward or knock on a door. Press the A button to jump. The B button throws a can, or if Louie has a weapon, the B button fires that weapon and the Option 1 and Option 2 button throws a can.

Special items are hidden in barrels, trees, doors, and many other places. To find a special object, Louie much duck or face forward in the correct places. Some doors in the city can also open to reveal something special. To open a door, Louie must turn and knock (push up on the joypad).


***** MUSIC ROOM *****

Louie must face forward and push on the "P" to play a tune, then repeat the tune by jumping on the piano keys in the correct order. If Louie plays the right tune, he receives a reward.

***** SEEK ROOM *****

In the seek room, Louie must run around and pick up items while avoiding dangerous enemies.

***** GUESS ROOM *****

In the Guess room, an arrow appears on one of the five cans. Push a button to shuffle the cans. If Louie selects the can with the arrow in it, he receives a valuable prize.

***** BONUS ROOM *****

In the bonus room, you find a shelf with five boxes on it. To choose a box, move the arrow to the box you want and push a button. You get whatever is inside.

Louie must complete six levels, with four rounds in each level. At the end of each level, Louie must defeat one of Mr. Big's most powerful henchmen.

After defeating the henchman, Louie must find the note which tells him where he must go next. If he can jump up and grab the note, he will earn extra points.


  $1 Money Bag	- awards one dollar
  $5 Money Bag	- awards five dollars
  Time		- Adds 30 seconds to your time remaining
  Shield	- Allows Louis to get hit without losing a life
  Gun		- With a gun, Louie can shoot bullets
  Stun Gun	- Freezes everything on the screen
  Flamethrower	- Shoots a stream of fire
  Tri-Laser	- Fires triple laser beams diagonally up and down, and straight
  Bomb		- Destroys everything on the screen
  Armor		- Gives Louie a shield at the beginning of each life
  Invincibility - Makes Louie invincible


There are secret shops hidden throughout the game. If you can find these shops, you can put your money to good use. The shops are not easy to find, however. If you find a shop, use the joypad to point at the desired item.


         Item                                    Points

   $1 money bag (green)                             50
   $5 money bag (red)                              100
   Time power-up                                   250
   Shield power-up                                1000
   Invincible power-up                            1000
   Small power-up                                 1000
   Life power-up                                  2500
   Armor (music room only)                        1000
   Music room bonus
        (play tune correctly on the first try)    2500
   End of round bonus                             2500
   Collect a treasure chest item                  2500
Zapping a henchman is 1000; getting other enemies ranges from 50 to 1000 each.