There's nothing like pinball. The ball bounces from bumper to bumper, hitting bonus buzzers and lighting Specials. The bells ring and the points mount up. Total concentration is the name of the game. You must follow the ball as it speeds all over the table. Pinball Jam is realistic, high-speed, heart pounding pinball action at its best. So give the plunger a pull and see if you can handle it!

Getting Started:

1. Insert the Lynx Pinball Jam game card in the Lynx Machine.
2. Press On.
3. At the title screen, press A or B. The Elvira and the Party Monsters title screen appears. To play Elvira and the Party Monsters, press A for an easy game or B for a hard game.
4. If you would rather play Police Force, press left or right on the joypad, the press A for an easy game or B for a hard game.

Playing the Game:

Pinball Jam offers an exciting pair of realistic video pinball games. In the first game, Elvira and the Party Monsters, the Mistress of the Dark invites you to a party with her ghoulish friends. In Police Force, you are a cop in search of dangerous criminals. Best of all, in both games you have the chance to become an expert pinball player. Bounce the ball off bumpers, ring buzzers and bells, collect large bonuses. There are even times when you can play more than one ball at once! If you think it will help, you can shake the machine, but if you shake it too much it will tilt.

The controls for both games are the same. To pull back on the plunger, press Option 2. Release Option 2 to let go of the plunger and put the ball in play. The longer you press Option 2, the harder you will shoot the ball.

When the ball is in play, press A or B to use the right flipper and press any direction on the joypad to use the left flipper. If you flip the screen, then the buttons activate the left flipper and the joypad activates the right flipper. Option 1 shakes the machine. If you shake the machine too much, the machine will tilt and you won't be able to use the flippers or score any points.

In both games, a message box and you current score appear at the top of the table (Screens 1 and 2). The flippers are at the bottom of the table, on either side of the ball drain (Screens 3 and 4). (See the game screens shown at the end of this manual.

You can hold down the left flipper for a current ball count, or hold down the right flipper for an extra ball count.

The best way to learn about these two exciting pinball games is to play them. However, the following sections provide hints for each game.

Elvira and the Party Monsters:

Elvira and the Party Monsters does not, at first, seem to award as many points as Police Force. However, if you keep the ball in play and light up the right bonus options, you will start to rack up millions of points.

Backboard Dead Heads -- Light all three Dead heads and you will also light Million on the Boogie Eject Hole. Then hit the Boogie Eject for a million point bonus. Light all three Dead Heads a second time and all the special lights will come on.

BAT Lanes -- If you light all three BAT lanes, the bonus multiplier increases and the Spot Elvira light on the Monster Slide comes on. When all BAT lanes are lit, the Ball Lock on the Skull Passage is also enabled.

Monster Slide Ramp -- Hit the ball directly into the Monster Slide Ramp for bonus points. Consecutive shots into the Monster Slide Ramp increase the points to a maximum 1,000,000 point bonus. If the Spot Elvira light is on, hitting the ball into the Monster Slide Ramp spots an Elvira letter. Putting the ball in this ramp also lights the Hold Bonus on the Boogie Eject Hole. If the special light is lit, the Monster Slide Ramp will award three extra balls.

Party Punch Ramp -- Putting the ball in the Party Punch Ramp awards the current Potion value, then increases the Potion value.

Boogie Eject Hole -- (Awards 1,000,000 points when lit). If the Boogie Bonus is lit, hitting the ball into the Boogie Eject Hole awards the Boogie bonus. If the BBQ Bonus is lit when you hit the ball into the Boogie Eject Hole, the pinball machine randomly awards one of the following bonuses:
Jumper Bumpers -- Hit the Jumper Bumpers when lit and the Boogie bonus increases.

BBQ Coffins -- Open both BBQ Coffins to light the BBQ Bonus on the Boogie Eject Hole.

Skull Passage -- Put the ball throught the Skull Passage to lock a ball. If a ball is locked and you put another ball into the Skull Passage, both balls are released and you must play both at the same time. This gives you a chance to really rack up some points, but you will really have to concentrate. If the Skull Passage is lit when you hit it, you receive a 3,000,000 point bonus.

JAM Targets -- Complete the JAM targets to enable the Ball Lock and light the Boogie bonus on the Boogie Eject Hole. After lighting the Boogie Bonus, use the Jumper Bumpers to build up the Boogie Bonus. When the Boogie Bonus is built up, hit the ball into the Boogie Eject Hole to collect the bonus.

Pizza Passage -- The number of points you get the Pizza Passage depends on which Pizza light is lit. If the Headcheese Pizza light is lit, you will earn 50,000 points. The Eye of Newt Pizza awards 75,000 points. The Lizard Tongue Pizza is worth 100,000 points. Completing the Pizza Targets advances the Pizza Passage value to the next amount and lights 25,000 on the right Flipper Lane.

Wake the Deah Head Targets -- Completing the Wake the Dead Head Targets lights an additional Deah Head at the top of the board, the Spot Elvira light on the Monster Slide, and the 25,000 bonus on the left flipper lane.

Elvira Letters -- If all the Elvira Letters are lit, the 3,000,000 point bonus light on the Skull Passage comes on. When the bonus is on, you will collect 3,000,000 points by putting the ball into the Skull Passage.

Drain Lanes -- When lit, the Drain Lanes award three extra balls.

Flipper Lanes -- When lit, the Flipper Lanes award 25,000 points.

Drain -- If the ball goes down the drain, you lose that ball. When you lose a ball, you receive the bonus for that ball multiplied by the Bonus Multiplier. If you are playing an Easy game, all lights remain on. In a Hard game, losing a ball in the drain turns off all lights.

Police Force:

Police Force has all the action and intensity of a high-speed car chase in a cop movie. The combination of ramps, bumpers, spinners, holes and targets provide a seemingly endless stream of points. Hit the bonuses and you'll see your points skyrocket.

Firing Range Spinner -- When you first hit the ball into action in Police Force, the ball hits the Firing Range Spinner. Each revolution of the spinner advances the Firing Range value. The Firing Range value starts at 10,000 points, works its way up to 100,000 points, then starts over at 10,000. Hit the 75,000 value and you will also receive a Police letter. After the Firing Range value is awarded, the ball is ejected onto the pinball table and the action begins.

Police Letters -- Collect all the Police letters and the Top Cop Bullseye lights.

Top Cop Bullseye -- When lit, hit the bullseye for 3,000,000 points.

GUN Lanes -- Complete the GUN lanes to increase the Bonus Multiplier. When the Bonus Multiplier reaches 6, complete the GUN Lanes for special bonuses.

Machine Gun Croc Hole -- Hit the ball into this hole to put Machine Gun Croc in jail. If the hole is lit, you will receive one of the following Hot Sheet bonuses:
City Jail -- Put all four crooks in jail to enable the jackpot on the Right Ramp.

Right Ramp -- If the Right Ramp Jackpot is lit and you hit the ball into the ramp, you receive a 4,000,000 point bonus. If the Police Letter light is lit, you will receive one Police Letter. If the Ball Lock is enabled, the ball is locked in the jail. Put a second ball in jail and both will be released at the same time for exciting multiball action. If Ball Lock is not lit, the ball passes by the jail and continues in play.

Center Ramp -- Hit the ball through this ramp for the Center Ramp Bonus. This bonus starts at 10,000. Hit the ball repeatedly through the ramp to increase the bonus until it reaches Unlimited Million. At Unlimited Million the Top Cop Extra Ball light comes on.

Drug Rat, Diamond Weasel, and Loan Shark Targets -- Hit all these targets to put Drug Rat, Loan Shark or Diamond Weasel in the jail and light Spot Police on the Right Ramp.

Handcuff Bonus Eject Hole -- When the ball goes into this hole, you receive the Handcuff Bonus. Each time you hit this bonus, it is worth more points.

Extra Ball Lights -- The four Extra Ball lights along the bottom of the pinball machine come on if your score goes above 2,000,000 points and you are on your last ball. Going through the Flipper Lanes or Drain Lanes awards an extra ball if the ball hits one of these lights.

Drain -- If the ball goes down the drain, you lose that ball. When you lose a ball, you receive the bonus for that ball multiplied by the Bonus Multiplier. If you are playing an Easy game, all lights remain on. In a Hard game, losing a ball in the drain turns off all lights.

High Score Screen -- If your score is one of the three highest scores for this session of the game you are playing, you will make it to the High Score screen. To enter your name, move the white box over the desired letter and press A or B.

When you have entered your name, put the box over the word "End" and press A or B. If your name is 7 letters long, the game automatically takes you back to the title screen.

You can view the high scores from any title screen by pressing up on the joypad.


Learn each pinball game. If you know where to hit the ball, your points will pile up.

Understand the flippers. You must know how to use the paddles to hit the ball to specific targets. How you aim depends on the angle of the ball and the ball's location on the flipper when you hit the ball.

Don't always pull the plunger all the way back. It is not always in your best interest to hit the ball as hard as you can.

Practice. The more you play, the better you will get.