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You don a suit of armor, choose your weapon - a worn but sturdy lance. You climb onto a cyborg ostrich, grab the reins of your faithful mount and fly off to wage battle against the enemy.

In the distance you see an enemy vulture appear on a creator pad. You ready your lance and prepare to do battle. As you draw close to the enemy Bounder, you rise above him and prepare to defeat him with a quick swooping attack. You sweep down from the sky and dismount the enemy rider with a powerful blow. You have defeated the enemy... this time.

Welcome to the medieval arena of Joust.


1. With your Lynx system off, insert the game card as described in the Lynx Owner's Manual.

Warning: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend, crush, or attempt to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. The Joust introduction screen will display, followed by the Joust title screens.

3. Press A or B to start the game.


Pressing Option 2 will activate the Gladiator Mode Setup screen. Please refer to the section on Gladiator mode for instructions on using Gladiator mode.

Pressing Pause and Option 2 will flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls.

Pressing Pause and Option 1 will reset to the first title screen.

Pressing Pause and a direction on the joypad will switch between the different title screens.

Pressing Option 1 will increase the skill level of the game. Each time you press the Option 1 button the skill increases by one to a maximum of 9. Pressing again will reset the skill to zero. A skill level message will appear for a short time when you press Option 1.


Pressing Pause will pause the game. Pressing Pause again will resume your game.

Pressing Option 2 and Pause will flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls.

Pressing Option 1 and Pause will reset to the first title screen.

Use the joypad to maneuver your bird around the screen.


You move your bird around the screen by pressing left or right on the joypad. This will make your bird face left or right. Holding the joypad in a direction will make your bird walk in that direction. The longer you hold the button the faster your bird will walk or run. If you let go of the joypad, your bird will maintain its current speed. To slow down or stop your bird you must hold the joypad in the opposite direction to that in which your bird is moving. This can be accomplished by slowing your bird down gradually or by skidding your bird to a complete stop.

Pressing the A or B buttons will make your bird flap its wings and fly. Pressing the button repeatedly will make your bird fly. The faster you press the buttons the faster and higher your bird will fly. While flying, use the joypad to control the direction your bird flies. If you wish to land, just stop flapping and your bird will land automatically on the platform that it falls onto.


Use the A or B button to start the game. Pressing the B button will select the ostrich as the bird you will control. Pressing the A button will select the stork as the bird you will control.

The object of the game is to defeat the enemy riders in a joust. You do this by flying into the enemy and his vulture. If your lance is higher than the enemy you are jousting the you will win; if not you will lose one of your birds. If both riders are at the same height, then it will be a tie and you will bounce off of each other. When you defeat one of the enemy riders, the rider will turn into an egg and fall until it lands on an island or disappears into the lava. Pick up the eggs before they hatch into a more powerful riders and get picked up by new vultures. You score 250 points for the first egg you pick up, 500 for the second, 750 for the third and 1000 for the rest of the eggs you pick up. If you catch the egg in the air before it touches a platform you get an extra bonus of 500 points. When an egg hatches it turns into a rider. You can pick up the riders the same way you would pick up an egg and it counts as an egg toward your score.

You start the game with five birds, and get an extra bird for every 20,000 points that you score. A maximum of five birds will be displayed at the bottom of the screen next to your score. You can have more birds than five, but you will not know how many.

After your rider has been dismounted, your bird will fly off the screen. Your next bird will be created on one of the creator pads. It will remain safe on the pad until it stops flashing.

If your score is one of the five top scores, you will be able to enter your name. On the high score entry screen, use the joypad left and right to select a letter. Use the A or B button to enter the letter. When you have entered the third letter, the name will be entered and the high score list will be displayed. Use the Left Arrow to backspace a character.


To complete a Joust wave you must defeat all the riders that are created on the wave. You must also pick up all the eggs and riders to complete the wave.

Wave Two and every fifth wave is a Survival Wave. If you complete the wave without losing a bird you will get a 3000 point bonus. In a two player game, this wave is a Team Wave. If you solve the wave without dismounting the other player you get a 3000 point bonus.

On the Third Wave the safety barrier above the lava at the bottom of the screen will burn away and the Lava Troll will be able to reach up and grab your bird if you get too close. Enemy birds will also get caught by the Lava Troll. You can escape the Lave Troll by flapping quickly before it pulls you under the lava. If you fly into the lava you will lose one bird.

Wave Four and every fifth wave is a Gladiator Wave in a two player game. In a one player game this is a normal wave. The first player to dismount the other player in a two player game will get a 3000 point bonus.

Wave Five is an Egg Wave. You must pick up all the eggs quickly to avoid enemy birds from coming out and picking up the riders when the eggs hatch. Every fifth level is an Egg Wave and they are good for scoring easy points if the eggs are picked up quickly.

Wave Eight and every fifth wave is a Pterodactyl Wave. Pterodactyls will come on the screen and try to dismount you. On the first Pterodactyl Wave you will only encounter one pterodactyl but on later waves you will encounter more pterodactyls. Pterodactyls can be killed but it is very difficult.

If you take too long completing any wave, pterodactyls will come out and try to dismount you. If you die after one of these pterodactyls comes out, it will leave the screen.

On certain waves islands will disappear. Any islands that have disappeared will reappear on the next Egg wave.


If you wish to play a two player Comlynx game, plug in your Comlynx cables and turn both machines on at the same time. When the Joust title screens appear a `2 PLAYERS' message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If it does not appear check the connection of the Comlynx cable.

When starting a two player game, the first person to hit the A or B button will start the game. This will select which bird the player who started the game will be. The second player will be the other bird. The skill level for the game will be set to the higher of the two skill levels if both machines do not have the same skill level setting.

In a two player game, all of the messages for the Ostrich will be printed in Yellow and all of the messages for the Stork will be printed in Blue.

After a two player game has finished you must wait on the title screens for the `2 PLAYERS' message to reappear before starting a new two player game. If you do not wait, a one player game will start. You can get back to the title screen by pressing Option 1 and Pause to reset.

At any time on the title screens you can remove the Comlynx cable to play a one player game.


Gladiator Mode is a two player head to head contest with no enemy birds. The last player left with birds is the winner. You score points the same way as if it were a normal gladiator wave - 2000 for dismounting the other player and 3000 gladiator points. When one player runs out of birds a message will appear announcing the winner.

Pressing Option 2 from the title screens when Comlynxed will activate the Gladiator Mode Setup screen. Use the joypad to select the island configuration you desire. All four directions on the joypad control different islands. When you have selected the island configuration you desire start the game the same way as you would a normal two player game.


Bounder: A vulture with a Red rider. These are generally the least intelligent of the enemy birds. 500 points

Hunter: A vulture with a Gray rider. These are more intelligent than the Bounders. 750 points

Shadowlord: A vulture with a Blue rider. These are the most intelligent enemy birds. They will fly very quickly when they are close to you and will drop from above you if they get the chance. 1500 points

Pterodactyl: Pterodactyls move very quickly and erratically making them very difficult to kill. 1000 points

Lava Troll: The Lava Troll will reach out of the lava and grab any bird within its reach. Avoid the Lava Troll if you can, but try to lure enemy birds into its clutches.

Ostrich and Stork: The two main birds in the game. Although it is beat to work as a team, you can dismount the second player. 2000 points

Copyright © 1983, Williams Electronics. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1992, Shadowsoft Inc. All rights reserved.