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It's a Tough Way to Make a Living!

You are Jonathan Harker, a young English solicitor, sent to Transylvania to see Count Dracula. You have with you the legal documents for Dracula to buy a mansion in London, where he plans to take up residence. The house is Carfax, which meets his strange requests to be centuries old, with its own graveyard and a disused chapel!

And so it is that on a dark, rainy night filled with the sounds of howling wolves, you are welcomed to Dracula's dark castle. You immediately realize it is a sinister place, full of lurking danger -- and the worst danger is the Count himself. You try to leave, but all the exits are locked.

You must explore the castle and learn its secrets, then find a way out so you can destroy Count Dracula. But you must hurry. Dracula's three brides wish to invite you for dinner. The main course: Blood of Harker!

Getting Started

1. Insert the Lynx Dracula game card in the Lynx machine.

2. Press ON. The title screen appears.

3. Press A to start the game. (Use Option 2 throughout the game to toggle the music on and off.)

Special Note: For this game, your Lynx's automatic shutoff feature has been disabled.

Playing Dracula

Dracula is an adventure movie in which you play the part of Jonathan Harker, a "guest" at Dracula's dark and dreary castle. You must learn as much about the Count as possible, then find a way out so you can warn the world and, ultimately, destroy Count Dracula.

Game control is divided into two modes: Joypad and Text. The B button switches between modes. In Joypad mode, press the joypad to move Jonathan in the desired direction, up, down, left, or right. Text mode is the mode which allows you to perform more complex actions.

Press right or left on the joypad while in text mode to point at either an action or an object. Press up or down to scroll through the list of words in each section. By combining a verb with an object, you specify the action you wish to perform (see Screen 1 at the end of this manual).

For example, the game begins in Joypad mode, with Jonathan in the antechamber. Press the joypad to move Jonathan to the chest of drawers on one wall. When Jonathan is at the chest of drawers, a message appears (Screen 2).

When this message appears, you are close enough to the chest of drawers to perform an action. If you wish to perform the action shown in the message, in this case "Examine Drawers," press A. A message appears telling about the chest of drawers. Of course, a chest of drawers often has something in it, so it might be wise to do more than just examine it. Press B to enter Text mode.

Point at the action box. Press down on the joypad until the word "Open" appears. If the object you wish to open, in this case the drawers, appears in the object box, press A and a message will tell you what, if anything was in the drawers. If the wrong object appears, press right on the joypad until the correct object is shown, then press A.

The game tries to make things easier by automatically selecting a likely object when you select an action. However, the game's guess is often wrong and you must scroll through the objects until the correct word appears.

Sometimes an action may require you to use two objects together. For example, if you wish to light a lamp, you need a light and something to light it with. In the test area, select the words:


-- and press A. A message appears saying "Use lamp with lamp." Scroll through the object list to select the second item, for example, a tinder box. When the message say "Use lamp with tinder box," press A and the lamp is lit. Press B to return to Joypad mode.

At certain times in the game, Bram Stoker appears (screen 3).

Stoker, who wrote the novel on which this game is based, narrates the game by filling in important information. You may skip Stoker's narration by pressing Option 1. Be advised, however, that Stoker's narration sometimes includes valuable clues which may help you win the game. Press A for the next line of narration. Press B to restart the narration.

Sometimes you will need to speak with other characters. To speak to somebody, stand next to the person with whom you wish to speak, then press B to enter Text mode. In the action box, select Talk To, then select the person in the Object box, for example:


The character's words appear to the right of his or her picture. You possible replies are at the bottom of the screen. Arrows next to your replies indicate whether there are more replies. If there are additional replies, press the joypad up or down to see them (Screen 4).

If you wish to speed things up, press A when you are not selecting a reply.

One of the most important objects in the game is the notebook. Jonathan must keep careful notes of everything he learns about Dracula if he is to find Dracula in his hiding place. If the notes are incomplete, Jonathan may not be able to convince the proper authorities of what he has found and Dracula will remain free to suck the blood of innocent people. To use the notebook, enter Text mode and select:


The game ends when you either escape from the castle and find Dracula or when you become his latest victim. (It is also possible to die at the hands of Dracula's brides.) You win if you manage to destroy Dracula.


Do not neglect the notebook. Use it whenever anything important happens. Miss one note and you may miss your chance to rid the world of Dracula forever.

Keep a map. It may be the only way you will survive some parts of the game.

Some rooms are found by pressing down on the joypad, as if Jonathan were walking out of the screen toward you.

Listen closely to what others tell you. Carefully watch action sequences. You may find important clues. If you think you've found a clue, use the notebook.

Examine everything. If it is important, it will appear as an object. Open everything that can be opened, and look wherever you can -- in fact, try it everywhere.

Copyright © 1992, Atari Corporation. All rights reserved.