Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin, has just ruined Gotham City's gala Christmas party. Now The Penguin and Catwoman are terrorising the city. In a flash Bruce Wayne changes into the world's most famous super-hero, Batman! He revs up his Batmobile and races out in hot pursuit of his mortal enemies. But is it too late?

Getting Started

1. Insert your Batman Returns game cartridge in your Lynx.
2. Turn on the Lynx.
3. The Batman Returns title screen appears.
4. Press A or B. The Wave Description screen appears. Wait a few seconds, or press A or B to start the game.

Playing the Game

Batman Returns is an action adventure in which you must guide the famed Caped Crusader through Gotham City as he tries to defeat The Penguin and Catwoman.

Use the joypad to move Batman through the city. Press down on the joypad to make Batman duck. Press right or left to move in the desired direction. The A button makes Batman use the currently selected weapon (Option 1 selects the weapon). Press B to make the Caped Crusader jump. During the game, you may need to press a button and the joypad at the same time.

The top left corner of the game screen shows the currently selected weapon. If Batman has a weapon other than his fists, the weapon icon will change when you press Option I. The score appears in the top right corner. Batman's health bar is at the bottom of the screen (Screen 1). (Screen numbers in these instructions refer to the Gallery of Game Screens at the end of this manual).

Whenever Batman gets hit by an enemy or a weapon, his health decreases. When Batman runs out of health, his quest and your game are both over!

During the game, pressing Option 2 will turn the music on and off.

As Batman proceeds on his quest, he must be on the lookout for the following special powerups:
Points   : 1000 points plus 1000 points for each Points powerup picked up 
Health	 : Increases Batman's health by 25 percent.
Batarang : Gives Batman ten Batarangs (Screen 2).
Acid Vial: Gives Batman seven vials of deadly acid.
Batman cannot succeed without picking up these items. Without the Batarangs and acid, Batman must fight fearful foes with only his fists.

The game is divided into four waves. Each wave is more difficult than the last.

WAVE 1: The Red Triangle Circus Gang

The Penguin's Red Triangle Circus Gang has kidnapped the beautiful Ice Princess and is pillaging Gotham Plaza. What a way to ruin Christmas! Batman, ever the hero, rushes in and takes on the Red Triangle Circus Gang single-handedly (Screen 3). It will take a strong arsenal and lightning-fast reactions to keep from getting creamed by these powerful enemies. If he can defeat the gang, Batman must meet The Penguin in his Duck Vehicle.

WAVE 2: Batman Confronts Authorities

Surprise! Selina Kyle is really Catwoman, and she has teamed up with The Penguin! She is making her escape atop Gotham City's tallest buildings. Only Batman can stop her. But it won't be easy. The Penguin has convinced the authorities that Batman murdered the Ice Princess and the cops are hot on his trail (Screen 4). The police will do all they can to stop Batman dead in his tracks. And rest assured that Catwoman will not make things any easier!

Batman must fight the police as he jumps from rooftop to rooftop in pursuit of Catwoman. If he takes too many shots, or if he slips and falls from a tall building, the game will be over, If Batman can survive long enough to trap her, Catwoman will fight tooth and claw to get away. And with the speed and agility of a cat, she is a formidable foe indeed.

WAVE 3: Beneath Gotham City

Well, The Penguin has sunk really low this time. In fact, he has gone into the Gotham City sewers. Batman must rush through the sewers in search of his enemy. The Penguin has unleashed his huge band of birds, the Penguin Commandos, in an attempt to destroy the city. These little penguins may be small, but they pack a powerful punch (not to mention deadly missiles). (Screen 5).

And if that's not bad enough, millionaire industrialist Max Shreck has used the sewers as his personal toxic waste dump. Batman must destroy the Penguin Commandos while avoiding missiles and radioactive materials as he seeks out the commando headquarters. Of course, once he gets to the headquarters, he will REALLY have his hands full!

WAVE 4: Batman Discovers the Arctic World

After a long and treacherous journey, Batman has finally discovered The Penguin's icy lair. It is a dangerous place, with ice, water, and a rotting pier. Every step Batman takes may be his last! Of course, The Penguin's hideout is not unguarded. Penguin Commandos and Emperor Penguins will defend their master's home to the finish (Screen 6). If they destroy Batman, or if Batman falls into the icy water, Batman's quest will come to an abrupt and rather unpleasant end. So will your game. If Batman can defeat the guards, he must fight the most dangerous foe of all, The Penguin himself!

But fighting The Penguin is not enough. Batman must also save Max Shreck so he can be turned over to the authorities. To do this, he must disable the pulley which is lowering Shreck's cage into a pool of toxic waste. By doing so, Batman also destroys The Penguin's cooling system. As the temperature rises, The Penguin weakens. lf Batman can save Shreck and defeat The Penguin, he will prove that he is truly the World's Greatest Super-hero. But more important, he will save Gotham City!


Be quick. It takes lightning-fast reactions to jump, fight and shoot while being attacked by many different enemies at the same time.

Never stand in front of a moving motorcycle.

Watch for powerups. They are not always easy to see, but you can't possibly win without them.

Beware of gifts. They look nice, but their contents are not always that pleasant!


Points are awarded for destroying enemies. The more harm an enemy can do to Batman, the more points you get:

Enemy:		    Points:

Tit in Clown		 800
Far Clown		 400
The Strongman		 500
Motorcycle Hikers	2090
Knifethrower Dame	 200
Organ Grinder		 700
Cops                 300-400
Penguin Commando	1000
Emperor. Penguin	1500
Duck Vehicle	      10,000
Catwoman	      20,000
The Penguin	      50,000
After your first game, your last game's score is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the title screen.