These are most of the files from the Lynx directory. It is available for ftp from there or for ftp from my local mirror. It should be an easier time getting into my site. Or you can just click on the items below and be done with it.

Lynx Hyperstack 07-94
Rob Jung's collection of his reviews and other cool goodies. If you've got a Mac, check it out.
Bill & Teds
game notes for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
The Cheats guide as a windows help file.
The cheats file. I got most of my material from here.
Chips Challenge
A very well done walkthrough/notes on Chip's Challenge. It's in Postscript and includes maps, etc.
Lynx Roundtable
An excerpt from Genie. Has various comments about different lynx games.
Rob's Reviews. The is where I got all my reviews from. (Except for the most recent, Bubble-Trouble, Super-Off Road, and T-Tris which I got of
Usenet Lynx Guide (Postscript version)
This contains the FAQ, Reviews, and the Cheats file.
Usenet Lynx Guide (RichText version)
Same as above, but rtf.
Usenet Lynx Guide (MS-Word 2.0 version)
Same as above, but MS-Word format.